How to Earn 2 Taka Per Click and Daily Earning 100 Taka

Online Earning is a popular earning source from home. It is popular day by day. You can earn money from home with a Smartphone or Laptop. If you find how to earn money from home, This post is for you. In this post, we show how to Earn 2 Taka Per Click and Daily Earning 100 Taka. Let’s start an online earning tutorial:

What is Online Earning?

Online earning is an online-based earning system. Online means using the internet system. By Internet browsing, you can earn money by remote jobs or order work. For your work you get money. This income is called online earning.

Earn 2 Taka Per Click Earning Platform

You can earn from It is a micro jobs website. You can earn money from here by visiting links and watching videos. It is a trusted earning platform. It has 2000+ workers. You can easily earn money from here.

How to work in TechBuz

For work in TechBuz, you need to register from this website. After registering first you need to connect VPN apps to any country without Bangladesh. Then you go to the website and find the Register option.

How to Register in TechBuz

After finding the Register option you need to fill out the full form by using the correct information. You get a confirmation SMS from Note your username and password. This information needs to log in the future.

How to Earn Daily 100 Taka

After logging in to this website, you can find 2 working processes one is link visit another is video views. You can get Bangla guides to work there. By visiting the daily links and video watch, you earn points. At this point, you can withdraw from TechBuz every month 24th date.

Video Guidelines

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We hope this post help you to earn online. Please stay with us for more information about online income. Thanks All.

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